Earrings By Eryn specializes in creative, original earrings made with gemstones and sterling silver or gold-filled components. Custom orders welcomed!

Hello, and welcome! I'm Eryn, the designer and creator behind Earrings by Eryn. I hope you enjoy browsing the jewelry in my shop. My jewelry speaks to those who appreciate the handmade process, since the time and care that I put into my work produces pieces as beautiful, original, and full of character as the people who will wear and treasure them.

I have made everything with an intense attention to detail. For each piece, I have come up with the original design, hand-chosen the gemstones, fabricated the metal components out of sterling silver or 14k gold fill, and combined them into a unique and exquisite piece of wearable art.

When you place an order, it is beautifully packaged in a delicate organza gift bag. When you choose gift wrapping at checkout, I will place each of your pieces into a seafoam green jewelry box, an organza drawstring bag, and finally brown paper with a beautiful damask pattern. Domestic shipping is free, and I always do my very best to ensure that you will receive a piece of jewelry that you or a loved one will treasure for many years to come. If anything could be made more perfect, just let me know!

About the process:

My workbench is my happy place. After I've dropped my kids off at school each morning, I return to my brightly lit window nook where I can easily pass hours and hours as if they were minutes. I take as long as necessary with each and every piece to make it feel perfectly completed.

I am primarily self-taught, and am constantly honing and experimenting with new wire-wrapping, hammering, silverworking, and stone-setting techniques. I argentium silver (which resists tarnish), sterling silver, fine silver, and fine silver clay. I finish my pieces in a tumbler to get them perfectly shiny, and often oxidize and then hand-polish to bring out contrasting textures and designs.

I am currently adding pieces to all of my collections. The pieces in each collection are unified both stylistically and conceptually. They take their inspiration from Greek goddesses, the Zen esthetic, modernized Art Deco and Nouveau motifs, and from the beautiful gemstones themselves. All of the collections embody a balance of feminine strength and delicacy, and all pay homage to the incredible beauty found in nature.

I love unusual gemstones. I especially love stones with beautiful patterns, such as different varieties of jasper, turquoise, and variscite, or stones with inclusions, such as rutilated quartz or lodolite, or with a changing play of light such as labradorite, moonstone, and opal. I spend significant time sourcing and acquiring premium stones, so much of my jewelry is conceptualized in order to best display the unique gemstones I find.

Although my designs usually start as an idea for a pair of earrings, a pendant, or a ring, I would always be happy to create a unified set or a bracelet upon request. I am also open to recreating an existing (or sold out) piece using different gemstones. I truly love doing custom work -- there is nothing more satisfying than seeing the enjoyment a custom piece brings to its new owner!


To see photos of work in progress, see custom pieces, and claim new work before it is listed in my shop, follow @earringsbyeryn on Instagram and like Earrings by Eryn on Facebook.

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